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john doornik casting
john doornik casting

Registration is free. As soon as you registration enters,
we will check if you meet the requirements to be
registered. If this is the case, we will confirm your registration by e-mail.

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It is important to have 2 good portrait photos and a clear photo that shows you completely. You can upload this in the registration form.

With the portrait photo, make sure that you are not wearing any make-up, sunglasses or hat and that the photo was taken from the front. So no profile picture, where we only see the side of your head. It is important that we can see your whole face clearly. A smiling and neutral photo is desired.

In the photo where you are in your entirety, it is nice if you are standing and wearing neutral clothing, so that we can see your figure, height and posture well.

Are you not yet 16 years old? Then make sure you have permission from your parent(s) and/or guardian.

IMPORTANT: by saving the entered data you also agree to our General Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Statement and the processing of your data in our file.

Are you already in the file and do you want to send an update, mail to